Industries Ganton International

Fully Integrated, Customized Sourcing for Industrial End Markets

Ganton International works solely with ISO 9001 certified suppliers that deliver outstanding manufacturing performance and a high level of flexibility, ideal for companies of many sizes. Our extensive range of sourcing supports diverse applications and configurations. We actively source for numerous markets:

Automotive Aftermarket Ganton International
Automotive Aftermarket

Ganton International supplies to OEMs who in turn service dealerships and end consumers. The suppliers we choose to work with demonstrate solid benchmarks in quality and economy. Negotiating with aftermarket suppliers have resulted in economical total landed costs. We source for specialty imports and domestic service parts that encompass a variety of products, from the simple to the complex.

Automotive OEM Ganton International
Automotive OEM

We have qualified and trained program managers that ensure reliable and on-going project management. We recognize that savings in cost and time are essential to our customer’s success as well as ours. From the compressed product development cycles of prototyping and the production parts approval process, Ganton International is mindful of techniques to accelerate delivery to our customer. This strategic outlook on quality, delivery, price and service allows us to wrap our goals around the reduction of total cost of ownership by optimizing the entire supply chain.

Electric Hybrids Ganton International
Electric/Specialty Vehicles/Electric Hybrids

Ganton International is on the forefront of the electric/hybrid industry. As an ever evolving and distinctive vehicle sector, we realize the immediacy of customer need. We are fully engaged during in-process and post-process inspection to assure quality on critical specialty parts that meet specific manufacturing challenges with this growing market.

MHDD Trucks Ganton International
M/HD/D Trucks

Ganton has built a solid reputation with truck manufacturers for supplying quality and reduced time to market products. High stress components that are used in medium, heavy duty and diesel trucks demand superior quality for wear and tear. Ganton’s technical staff works closely with engineering departments at the supplier end and at the customer end to meet the demands of all specifications and requirements.

Armored Vehicles Ganton International
Armored Vehicles

Our quality management systems and program management services are in step with the quality assurance and supply chain prerequisites of the defense industry. Safety and stability, functionality and durability, are aligned to defense platforms where component features and applications need to be keenly reliable.

Oil Field Applications Ganton International
Oil Field Applications

Oil field machinery companies that manufacture capital equipment rely on Ganton International for sourcing components made of metal alloys, plastics and rubber. A stringent quality system at every single stage of the production process ensures that each component complies with the requirements and specifications established for extreme conditions found in the oil field.

Industrial Applications Ganton International
Industrial Applications

Ganton International is a low cost provider with an acute focus on cost and supply chain efficiencies. We can broaden our customers a purchasing network beyond current boundaries, which in turn provides low cost solutions to their programs. Our technical team will discuss in-depth solutions and cross-functional technologies to provide value and a matrix of expertise.